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Dealership Opportunity for Solar Heating Global Eco & Environmental Solutions (GES) provides sustainable and environmentally friendly ventilation systems for a healthy and comfortable indoor environment, whilst minimising energy consumption. Our solar air heating and home ventilation systems have helped many Australian home owners over the years to move to a sustainable and healthy way of living.

GES can help you find the best solution for your solar heating, cooling, roof ventilation, roof ventilationsub floor ventilation or humidity control issues.

Ventilation and Solar Humidity Control ApplicationsRoof Ventilation, Subfloor Ventilation free DVD

GES doesn’t just provide effective solar home ventilation solutions for your house, but we offer a wide variety of solar ventilation products to help you keep your, boat, car, caravan, school, community centre, indoor swimming pool, green house, granny flat, shed, pantry, kitchen, bathroom and more; fresh, dry and ventilated throughout the year.

Solar Air Heating & Solar Heating Systems

Our solar air heating and air conditioner systems have had proven results in helping reduce heating and cooling costs in homes all over Australia. As well as reducing your air-conditioning costs, your family can breathe easy, knowing that you live in a more energy efficient home that uses a natural ventilation system.

Roof Ventilation with Solar Roof Vents

To find out more about how to reduce the heat load on your home or work environment or how to save energy using a solar roof vent extractor fan for heat extraction. Please visit our Solar Whiz roof ventilator website by clicking on the icon to the right.

Solar Ventilation – Solar Space Heating, Cooling & Sub Floor Ventilation

To find out more about how you can use solar air heating in your home whilst ensuring healthy living and comfortable environment through moisture control and dehumidifying your home, please follow the icon to the left.

For the best advice on solar ventilation in general, including sub floor ventilation and drying rooms/cupboards – for more than just your home – please follow this link to visit our ventilation page.

Mould, Mildew & Dampness Problems

GES’ Solar Ventilation Products are also (cost) effective and sustainable solutions for addressing your dampness and moisture problems and their symptoms, such as mould and mildew.


Solar air heating and ventilation is a very effective way to reduce or eliminate condensation. Furthermore it is simple, sustainable and costs nothing to operate!

Have you considered using Solar Energy to reduce cost of air conditioning in your home? Our products can help.

Tips on Solar Heating Systems:  Check out solar systems that heat in the cooler months but also cool in the hotter months – a heating and cooling system in one! The SAM solar air heating system!

To see our animations on how our Solar Whiz units work please click here.

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Global Eco & Environmental Solutions (GES), introduced solar heating to the Australian market in 2006 with a European product range. After having discussed design modifications to improve performance and suitability for the harsh Australian climate for a number of years with the manufacturer, without the desired progress, GES introduced its own Solar Air Module (SAM) solar air heating system in 2011. GES no longer offers the  European units for addressing mildew and mould problems – as one or multiple SAM’s have proved to be very efficient for both home ventilation in general and for addressing specific air quality issues.