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GES – Warranty Terms & Conditions

The warranty periods for GES products are as follows:

  • All PV Panels – 10-year warranty
  • All other components (Solar Light Whiz) – 4-year warranty
  • All other components (Solar Whiz, Solar Whiz Commercial, Sub Floor Ventilation, Solar Air Module) – 2-year warranty

If you have any questions regarding your product or warranty, please get in touch with us:

Free Call: 1300 959 517

Email: ges@ges.com.au

Global Eco Solutions (GES) is the wholesaler of Solar Whiz, Solar Whiz Commercial, Sub Floor Ventilation, Solar Light Whiz and Solar Air Module products.

To understand your rights with warranties under Australian Consumer Law (ACL), please visit the ACCC’s Warranties page.


Warranty Inclusions


Dealer/Installer Information

Dealers are responsible for addressing warranty-related issues on behalf of customers they have supplied to and/or installed for, including:
  1. identifying the problem to GES’s satisfaction,
  2. determining whether a repair or a replacement is required,
  3. submitting a warranty claim on behalf of the customer,
  4. organising the necessary services to replace or repair the product, and
  5. returning the faulty item to GES.