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SAM for Drying Room or Drying Cupboard

Solar Heater for Clothes Dryingdouble walk-in wardrobe

The Solar Air Module (SAM) unit is the ideal product for drying cupboards or drying rooms in your home. A solar-powered drying room is free to operate and will greatly reduce your energy costs – especially if you are in the habit of using a clothes dryer regularly. SAM is an ingenious, maintenance-free device that uses the sun to heat air brought into solar heat collectors, which can then be ducted into a specified location, such as a drying room. Thus enabling you to establish your own solar clothes dryer.  For the most effective result, a second solar fan will normally be installed to help remove moisture from the drying clothes.

Solar Clothes Dryer

The concept of the Solar Drying Room was first demonstrated on the popular ABC TV Show: The Carbon Cops back in 2007. By installing a solar drying room, the Carbon Cops showed that it was possible to keep up with the drying requirements of the family with their new “Solar Clothes Dryer”!

Solar Drying Room or Solar Drying Cupboard

walk-in robe with clothes hangingThe Carbon Cops proved that clothes can be dried fast and effectively with a solar air collector/solar heater. Supplying fresh warm and dry air into the drying room area (or cupboard) will not only reduce energy consumption but is also extremely convenient for the family.

You can read more about the  Solar Drying Room in the Carbon Cops Fact Sheet.

Our Solar Air Modules (SAM) can are ideal for drying cupboards and are very effective to prevent mould on clothes, shoes and other leather goods kept in walk-in ropes.

Read more about Solar Ventilation here or go directly to our SAM solar heating and solar drying room or drying cupboard page here.

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