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Use Solar Cooling and Solar Heating to Reduce Energy Costs

Solar Air Heating and How it WorksLongwarry 4 SAM Modules 2

Solar cooling is easy with the SAM (Solar Air Module) that was originally designed to address problems such as mould, dampness, mustiness, and general poor air quality associated with a lack of ventilation. However, the SAM systems have also proved themselves to be very effective for heat contribution during the colder parts of the year. Not only do the solar collectors contribute directly towards heating by adding up to 35 degrees or more (depending on the number of modules) to the outside ambient temperature on cold sunny days, they also supply fresh, dry air that reduces the amount of moisture accumulated in the house. This solar cooling helps to make the house feel warmer and more comfortable, whilst increasing the efficiency of any other heat sources.

In summary, our SAM system helps to reduce your heating bills in 3 different ways: direct heat contribution, increased impact of other heat sources, and by reducing comfort temperature. The comfort temperature will generally be higher when there is high humidity, therefore, by lowering the moisture levels in your home you will also decrease the temperature required to feel warm and comfortable.

The SAM solar heater draws fresh air from the outside into the solar collector module, where it remains while the sun heats it. Once the air in the collectors reaches the desired temperature, a solar powered fan ducts the warm, dry air into the house.

Solar Cooling

SW-AU-R-25 unitThe Solar Whiz acts as a natural solar ventilation system, which will help reduce the temperature in spaces that can become very warm, mainly the roof space – but also rooms from inside the house. The Solar Whiz is a Solar Powered Heat Extraction Fan, which could save you hundreds of dollars every year, by extracting hot air from your roof space and increasing the efficiency of your ducted evaporative cooling or air conditioning system. This will reduce the cooling costs for the whole building. Extracting heat from an attic or warm rooms results in a cooler home and more comfortable indoor summer temperatures. Click through to see our animations on how the Solar Whiz energy-efficient air conditioner works. The SAM system may also be fitted with a smaller heat extraction fan to remove hot air from a single room.

In-ground-coolingThe SAM In-Ground Cooling System (IGC) ventilates your home or office with fresh, pre-cooled air. The principle is simple: fresh ambient air is pulled in through pipes buried in the ground by a solar-powered fan (normally, but not always, integrated with the controller for our solar air heater) to supply cool air for a healthy and comfortable indoor climate. The IGC is not an air conditioner, but is capable of supplying cool air (about 21 degrees) into your building on 35-degree days! However, the temperature achieved varies from installation to installation – and also depends on the amount of air flowing through the system.

To read more on our in-ground cooling systems please click here: SAM in-ground solar cooling.