Home Ventilation – Improve Moisture Control & Prevent Mould

Moisture control is crucial to prevent mould growth and ensure a healthy indoor environment. The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) webpage is an excellent resource about mildew and the importance of reducing it in your home.

A healthy home and sub-floor environment help enormously with asthma management as well as reducing or preventing allergic reactions. Making sure you have proper ventilation is the simplest and easiest way to fix these problems.

Solar Roof Ventilation for Your Homemouldy shoes

Solar roof ventilation systems help to remove humidity and moisture from the building, improving indoor air quality. For this reason, they can also be referred to as solar dehumidifiers. GES offers a powerful solution that is highly effective and free-to-run (being solar-powered).

GES ventilation systems are the perfect solution for preventing mildew and reducing the risk of humidity damage. Our solar roof ventilation system operates by extracting hot, humid and moist air from indoor spaces and replacing it with a cooler, dryer from outside. This process removes pollutants and moisture that could damage the indoor structures of your house. If you are not careful, moisture in your home can breed mould that eats away at walls, ceilings, furniture and clothes. That can be bad for your belongings as well as the air quality.

Solar Ventilation Provides Healthy Indoor Climate & Environment

Condensation on the windows in your house can be an indicator of poor household ventilation and high humidity levels. The excess moisture often results in mould (as pictured) and can lead to permanent damage to your window sills. You need to control your indoor moisture levels to reduce and prevent condensation in your home.

With our Solar Air Module (SAM) ventilation system, you can tackle these issues head-on without increasing your energy costs. SAM is a solar-powered unit that collects and heats the air from outside and then uses it to ventilate your house. This means that the moisture in the air is extracted and instead replaced by warm, dry air, keeping the indoor environment warmer and healthier.

Help your family live in a healthier and more comfortable environment with SAM. You can breathe easy knowing that you are reducing the risk of asthma symptoms in a sustainable and energy-efficient way.

Mildew Prevention in Holiday HousesWindow Fram Which Has Mould

Many properties that are only lived in occasionally often struggle with mould, dampness and mustiness. These could be granny flats, beach houses, farmhouses or any kind of holiday house. These problems are easily solved using SAM units! Our system also operates entirely on solar power, saving you energy costs.

SAM can also be set up to operate on a thermostat. This means it turns on when the air in the modules is warm enough, and off when it’s not. So you don’t need to be at the property for it to be working and keeping the house healthy. It’s the perfect ‘set-and-forget’ system!

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