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Home Ventilation – Improve Moisture Control & Prevent Mould

The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) webpage Mould Resources outlines the importance of moisture control for ensuring a healthy and comfortable indoor environment, which assists in preventing allergic reactions and asthma management. The simplest way to address these issues is to ensure adequate home ventilation by installing home ventilation systems.

Solar Dehumidifiers for Your Homemouldy shoes

Solar-powered home ventilation systems remove humidity and moisture from the building and improve indoor air quality. Our solar powered fresh dry air systems or energy-efficient exhaust fans help mildew prevention and reduce the risk of humidity damage to your home, cabin, caravan, boat or wherever you have moisture control problems.

Home Ventilation Systems Stop Condensation on Windows

In order to reduce condensation on the windows in your home, you need to control the moisture levels. Using our solar home ventilation systems, you can do exactly this – without running up your energy costs. Contact us to find out more or visit our Solar Home Ventilation website.

Healthy Indoor Climate & Environment

With a SAM solar air ventilation system, we can help your family live in a healthier and more comfortable environment. You can breathe easy knowing that you are reducing the risk of asthma symptoms in a sustainable and energy-efficient way.

Mildew Prevention in Granny Flats, Beach Houses or Holiday HousesWindow Fram Which Has Mould

We understand the problems that can arise with mould, dampness and mustiness in properties that are only used occasionally. With Solar Air Modules (SAM) providing solar home ventilation, these problems are solved! Our SAM systems ensure that you can enjoy your retreat without the risk of suffering from asthma attacks caused by dust mites thriving in the damp conditions.

Install SAM solar home ventilation systems at home or in your holiday home and allow you and your family to breathe easily!

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