Solar Light Whiz – Solar-Powered Lights as a Skylight Alternative

Solar Light Whiz’ solar-powered lights are a great daylighting alternative to traditional skylights. They are incredibly versatile hybrid lighting devices that can be installed in almost any situation. Our dimmable skylight alternatives are being installed in hundreds of homes across Australia as a sustainable, energy-efficient lighting solution.

Our solar powered lights offer many advantages over the traditional tube-style skylights such as:

  • Shaftless solar skylight alternative. Our solar powered lights don’t require the structurally invasive and damaging holes that skylights do.
  • Inexpensive, flexible and simple installation.
  • Ideal solar powered light solution for multi-storey buildings and hard-to-reach areas. As mentioned before, our solar-powered lights are highly adaptable and can be installed almost anywhere.
  • Solar Light Whiz mimics conventional skylights/daylighting installations, giving the impression of natural daylight.
  • Completely solar-powered skylight. Unless you want to use the LED light panel at night or ‘top it up’ during overcast conditions, Solar Light Whiz have zero running costs.
  • Our lights are proudly do-it-yourself friendly! Without a need for access to mains power, you won’t need an electrician to install your solar LED system for you.
  • Heat and noise are not transferred through the installation into the building.
  • Optional night-time operation. With a night operations kit, you can continue using your solar-powered lights at night.

Solar Lights – Solar Powered Lighting

Solar-powered lights are great for daylighting in rooms with limited natural light such as:

These areas can often be difficult to illuminate effectively because of cramped spaces or limited access to natural daylight. Without Solar Light Whiz, these rooms might use regular LED solutions. These lights may serve their purpose, but they lack the natural daylighting feel that our solar powered lights provide.

Solar Light Whiz may not provide real, direct sunlight to lower-storey or internal rooms, but they have been carefully designed to mimic the colour and warmth of daylight. Our solar powered lights can even dim and brighten just like a conventional skylight would!

It is important to illuminate your home appropriately. Choosing lights for your home should be done with a long-term view and approach. LED lights have been proven to last for extremely long periods of time, are safe, energy- and cost-efficient as well as environmentally-friendly.

Therefore, the Solar Light Whiz combination of solar LED lights is a highly attractive skylight alternative lighting solution and sets you up for long-term savings. Our solar-powered LED lighting solutions offer great lighting choices for both domestic and work environments. Light up your home or workplace using Solar Light Whiz and forget about expensive energy bills for good.

Illume Daylighting Alternative – Solar Skylight Alternatives

Solar Light Whiz is a great alternative to an Illume lighting system. Our solar-powered light offers greater flexibility, more lumens, and a more comfortable daylighting simulation compared to the better-known Illume daylighting system.

We have comparative prices and easier installation, including simple wiring from a single solar panel to multiple solar lights. Solar Light Whiz is an easy choice over Illume when considering skylight alternatives.

Solaro Daylighting Alternative – Solar Lights

Solaro solar-powered lights have been on the market for a while (much longer than Illume). However, their lights are expensive and don’t offer installation flexibility. Some of the benefits of solar skylights (specifically, our solar-powered lights) are that they are cheaper, can be installed in any home, and allow you to operate the solar LED lights at night with a night pack. You can even install a dimmer, which enables you to dim or turn off the lights during the day.

You can read more about other skylight and skylight alternative suppliers here.

Solar Lights & Solar LED Lights – Night Operation

Solar Light Whiz offers a night operations kit as one of our accessories, which lets you run the solar-powered lights on mains power at night. That means your Solar Light Whiz system can double as indoor solar lights and ceiling lighting. This is a great opportunity to save on lighting expenses because you don’t need to install anything in addition to Solar Light Whiz!

The night pack works by plugging into a 240-volt powerpoint and transforming the power from 240 volt AC to 24 volt DC. The low voltage means that if you have an existing powerpoint available for use in your roof space you don’t need an electrician to install your solar-powered lights for you, saving you on installation costs!


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Solar Light Whiz – Better than Traditional Skylights

Traditional skylights are a popular method to bring natural daylight to the interior of your home. However, even though they bring warm and inviting sunlight into your living spaces, conventional roof skylights can pose a serious threat to the structural integrity of your home. Furthermore, they allow heat to be transferred inside during summer – and you lose a lot of heat during the colder months of the year.

Skylights need a tubed channel from the roof down to your ceiling to let the light into your home. If your roof space allows a skylight to be built, water damage can create holes in your ceiling causing your roof to be susceptible to leakage and hail damage – especially a few years after installation. Because of these reasons, skylights are a large liability and can become expensive to repair and maintain.

A leaking skylight will result in water getting into your roof space. The resulting moisture can then lead to mould, and rot, and potentially cause permanent damage. These issues might not be immediately apparent, however, if left unchecked, your skylight shaft could collapse or your ceiling may warp. The first signs of a slow leak are normally discolouration of the ceiling or moisture inside the roof after recent rain.

The cost of buying and installing a skylight is already extremely high and doesn’t safeguard you from leaks. The damage caused by a leaking skylight can cost upwards of $2,000 in repairs alone.

For these reasons we firmly believe that Solar Light Whiz is a far better lighting solution than traditional skylights.

Follow the link to view/download more information in the Solar Light Whiz smart skylight alternative brochure.

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