Solar Air Heating Systems with Solar Air Modules

Solar Air Module (SAM) is a solar heating unit designed to help reduce the cost of heating your home. It does so by directly contributing warm dry air into the house. SAM units effectively use the power of the sun to reduce the stress on your existing heating system so your house warms up faster.Solar Air Heating installed on a roofThe solar air heating system is made up of:
  • Chosen amount of SAM modules
  • 1 x Fan Kit (8 or 16 watts)
  • 1 x Roof Kit (metal or tile)
  • 1 x PV panel (18 or 35 watts, which is used to power the fan)
For a SAM system with 3 or more modules, you will require a 16 Watt fan kit and 35 watt PV panel.SAM modules collect cool outside air through the holes in the back of the unit, which is then heated up by solar radiation. Once the air inside is warm enough, it is channelled directly into the house below using the solar-powered fan.The system is also thermostatically controlled, so you can control when you want the units to run by adjusting the temperature.a solar heating system can include as many units as desiredOur SAM systems are modular, which means that you can add as many SAM units as you need to achieve the heating results you want. The larger the space in your home, the more modules you can add to your bank of solar air heater collectors. This flexibility means that our product accommodates for all kinds of installations. SAM can be used for large and small rooms depending on the type of house you own, ensuring effective solar air heating.Generally, our recommendations for the number of units required are as follows:
  • 1x SAM Module for heat contribution to spaces up to 33 square metres.
  • 2x SAM Modules for spaces up to 66 square metres.
  • 3x SAM Modules for spaces up to 100 square metres.
  • 4x SAM Modules for spaces up to 130 square metres.
If you have any other questions about SAM and how it works, you can check out our Frequently Asked Questions here.

How our Solar Air Heating System Benefits Your Home

Being completely free to run, SAM helps you save on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. It also greatly improves the indoor air quality in your home.

Air-quality improvementwarm air inlet for SAM

The SAM ventilation system introduces warm, dry air into your house while removing the cooler, moist air.The fresh, warm and dry air from a SAM system has a dehumidifying effect that helps significantly with moisture and humidity control. This then reduces condensation and mould or mildew growth in your home.Damp conditions resulting from poor ventilation often exacerbate allergy and asthma symptoms. Not to mention that mould can have serious impacts on the health of a person. For this reason, our units are an excellent management solution for persistent asthma symptoms and maintaining a healthy indoor environment.You can read more about the importance of keeping a healthy indoor climate here.

Improving the efficiency of existing heaters and systems

By directly contributing warm air into your house you are decreasing the amount of work that a heating system has to do to keep you warm. If your existing heater doesn’t have to work as hard to make the room warm, then you spend less money and energy! This process is sometimes referred to as ‘solar pre-heating‘.solar air heating on a roofReducing dampness and moisture in your house is also an excellent way of increasing the efficiency of your heating system.

Heat recovery ventilation systems

Additionally, SAM can be set up as an alternative to more traditional heat recovery systems. These systems work by drawing the heat that builds up in your roof space directly back into the rooms below. SAM operates on the same concepts as HRV but provides higher quality air. Instead of channelling potentially musty air from your roof in to your house, our units provide you with fresh dry air.

Installing SAM

3 modules of solar air heating system installationWe recommend installing your SAM solar air heating collectors at a high angle (about 55 degrees depending on latitude). This will allow the collector units to capture the maximum available amount of heat during the cooler months of autumn, winter and spring.Depending on your installation requirements, roof-mounted installations are the norm. However, for smaller solar air heating installations, it is also possible to mount the units on walls. Mounting kits are available for both metal and tiled roofs to ensure your solar air heater fits well on your roof.

Is there a DIY option?

At GES, we strive for ease of installation. All our products are do-it-yourself friendly, including SAM. We provide all the instructions and documentation so you can get up there and install your SAM solar air heater as soon as you receive it, kicking your solar air heating system into gear!

Warranty & Delivery

10 Year Warranty on the PV panels and 2 Year Warranty on all other components of the solar heater system. The Solar Air Module has Australia-wide delivery available.Head over to our warranty page to find more information.

Head over to our SAM website for more information

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