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Solar Exhaust Fans for Effective Heat Extraction

Residential Solar VentilatorSolar Whiz roof ventilation solar exhaust fans (or heat extractor fans) are highly effective heat extraction fans. They work by extracting hot air from inside your home and replacing it with cooler and fresher air from outside. This fresh air is pulled in through roof vents or eave vents as well as other openings into the roof space. They are great at providing relief from stiflingly hot inside temperatures during summer.

GES offers a range of different solar exhaust fans to help keep your house cool. This helps us to customise your installation to your needs. Our larger solar exhaust fans are well-suited to large open spaces like open-plan living and homes with cathedral ceilings. Our smaller solar exhaust fans can be applied to spaces like walk-in closets, laundries and bathrooms. Solar Whiz has the right solution for your particular specifications.

Our exhaust fans are solar powered so they can be operated with zero running costs and emissions. They are powerful and market-leading solar exhaust fans ideal for ventilating roof spaces. Save money and energy with Solar Whiz!

Additionally, our Solar Whiz solar exhaust fans can be set up to supply cool air into your home at night. The optional night operations kit lets you run your solar exhaust fan overnight to introduce cool air into your roof space before it gets hot during the day!

If you would like to know more about solar ventilation in general – please visit our Solar Ventilation site.

Whirlybird Roof Vent or Solar Exhaust Fans for Roof Space Ventilation?

SW-AU-R-35 on a tin roofSolar Whiz heat extractor fans are increasingly used instead of traditional whirlybird roof vents because of their high heat extraction capacity. It is a relatively simple task to remove existing whirlybirds and replace them with a Solar Whiz. A single Solar Whiz solar exhaust fan is up to 23 times more effective than a single whirlybird. Clearly, the choice between our solar exhaust fans and traditional whirlybirds is an easy one!

Solar Whiz and other solar-powered exhaust fans are far more effective than traditional whirlybirds. Our solar-powered exhaust fans can move the same amount of air as up to 23 whirlybirds. Whirlybirds rely on wind power and rising heat to turn the blades that help to extract hot air. The average whirlybird moves about 100-250m³/h in 12km/h winds. That means that they only work in windy conditions when your roof space has already become hot!

Solar Whiz for Direct Heat Extraction

Solar Whiz is more than just a roof ventilation fan! Our solar-powered exhaust fans can also be used as targeted heat extractors to help with solar cooling. Rather than extracting heat from your roof space, Solar Whiz can drag heat out from specific rooms using ceiling vents. This method of ventilation is ideal in situations where one room gets especially hot or to help address mould and moisture issues. Heat extraction from rooms can be particularly helpful in west-facing or upstairs rooms that typically get incredibly hot during summer.

In the case of preventing the growth of mould and mildew, Solar Whiz solar exhaust fan simply ensures that your house is properly ventilated. By extracting damp air from the inside of your house and replacing it with dry outside air you significantly improve the indoor conditions. Mould and dust mites thrive in warm, damp environments so good indoor ventilation will help to prevent these issues from affecting your home.

Our solar-powered exhaust fans do not need to use any mains power to achieve effective ventilation and cooling for your home. Solar Whiz can be operated completely on solar power, meaning that you have no ongoing costs for keeping a cool and healthy home!