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​Solar Heating System to Reduce Your Heating Costs

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Our SAM (Solar Air Module) systems incorporate solar air collectors, solar panels and solar-powered fans. They are designed to reduce your heating costs whilst minimising your carbon footprint and improving indoor air quality using solar energy.

Our Solar Air Modules (SAM) use solar-powered fans to draw fresh air through a filter into the solar air collector. The sun will then heat the air before it is directed into the building. They are efficient solar heating systems that provide a variety of benefits for you and your home.

SAM is designed cleverly so that it is controlled by the sun, in conjunction with a thermostat. This means that the system only operates when the sun is out and provides enough heat to make a significant warming contribution.

Warm air from the solar heater modules will only be brought into the house when it is beneficial. In warmer weather, the thermostat will prevent the SAM system from bringing warm air into the building. Read more about our energy-efficient solar heating and warming systems here.

Solar Cooling Options

SAM can also be used to extract hot air or to introduce cool air at night!

GES also offers an optional solar home cooling; the in-ground cooling system. The system cools the air collected in the modules down by pulling it through pipes buried in the ground. Then delivers the cooled air into the home. Read more about our solar cooling system here.

Energy-Efficient Solar Heating & Solar Heaters

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With our solar heaters, we help Australian homes become more energy-efficient and allow Australian families to lead more sustainable and healthy lives.

Solar-powered heating should be a part of every sustainable house in Australia. Both to contribute towards heating and to ensure a healthy indoor climate. Unfortunately, inside health is all too often overlooked when building new energy-efficient homes.

Lack of ventilation may result in poor indoor air quality with symptoms such as condensation on windows. This means that you will need to be constantly fighting to prevent mould and mildew in your home. Good ventilation and moisture control are important investments that shouldn’t be left until after construction.

If, like in many Australian households, solar heating and ventilation has been overlooked, we have the solution. Our sustainable solar heating and ventilation system will (cost) effectively address these issues.

If you’re in Australia and looking for solar heating systems we encourage you to get in contact with us. GES is happy to deliver and install across Australia.

We also have an extensive dealer network waiting to hear from you all over Australia.

To find your local SAM solar heater dealer please follow this link: SAM Dealers Australia. Or, you can call GES on 1300 655 118 for further assistance.


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