GES: Global Eco & Environmental Solutions

Global Eco & Environmental Solutions (GES) provides sustainable and environmentally friendly ventilation and lighting systems for a healthy and comfortable indoor environment, whilst minimising energy consumption. GES are the solar ventilation and skylight alternative specialists with a dealer network covering most of Australia.

Who are GES?

Global Eco and Environmental Solutions began operations in Australia in 2006.
In 2010, GES set a new benchmark for roof ventilation, introducing the domestic Solar Whiz. Since then, our Solar Whiz units have provided one of the most powerful and effective solar ventilation solutions for Australian homes.

In 2011 the Solar Air Module (SAM) solar heating system was created by GES. The innovative SAM contributes directly toward home heating by adding up to 45 degrees to the outside ambient air temperature. It is a unique solution for solar-powered heat contribution and indoor health improvement.

In 2014 GES introduced a range of dedicated commercial Solar Whiz units, with powerful air extraction rates proving perfect for factories and warehouses.

2014 also saw our range expand with the addition of skylight alternatives. Our range of Solar Light Whiz is stylish, efficient, and free to run during daylight hours, with a night operation option available. We have a range of dimmable solar LEDs to accommodate any installation requirement and our systems allow for multiple LEDs to be connected to a single solar panel.

GES, the sustainability experts!

GES: Ventilation Products & Applications

GES offers a wide range of simple and effective solar roof ventilators & sub-floor fans, solar air heaters and solar clothes dryer as well as solar skylight alternatives, covering a broad scope of varying applications and offering multiple unique benefits.

Residential Solar Whiz

Solar Whiz Solar Roof Ventilation

Solar Whiz is an incredibly powerful solar roof ventilator and solar exhaust fan. It is the ideal solution for anyone looking for highly effective roof ventilation and heat extraction.

2 lights over kitchen bench

Solar Light Whiz Solar Skylights

Installing the Solar Light Whiz (SLW) solar LED skylight provides homes with free interior lighting during the day – and if you choose, our day/night option allows the lights to operate once the sun has gone down with minimal energy consumption. SLW allows multiple LED panels to be connected to one single solar panel – and you may even dim the light.

 Longwarry 4 SAM Modules 2

Solar Heating With SAM

The Solar Air Module (SAM) air heating system directly contributes to your existing heating systems by adding up to 45 degrees to the outside ambient air temperature when ventilating with fresh, preheated air whilst also improving indoor air quality. It is an excellent solution for reducing winter energy bills and combatting dampness in your home.

Sub-Floor Ventilation

underfloor ventilation is often the best place to start addressing mould & mildew issues in your home. However, it may not always be the complete answer to your damp issues – and if you don’t have a subfloor – alternative methods for addressing damps issues may be required to improve the indoor air quality.

Solar Whiz Commercial install

Commercial Exhaust Fans

The Solar Whiz commercial exhaust fans and industrial exhaust fans are ideal for factory and warehouse ventilation. They are a far superior and economical solar-powered alternative to traditional wind-driven industrial whirlybird fans, as well as costly main’s powered fans.

Main Features & Benefits

  • Solar-powered
  • A Variety of Sizes
  • Commercial and Residential Options
  • Different Capabilities Available
  • Easy Installation & Setup
  • DIY Available
  • No Electrician Required
  • Quiet Operation
  • Sleek and Flexible Design
  • Designed for Australian Roofs
  • No Running Costs
  • No Carbon Emissions
Solar Whiz
Solar Light Whiz
Solar Air Module

Solar Ventilation

Solar Sub Floor Ventilation