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Tube Skylights or Solar Skylight Alternatives?

If you can’t fit a traditional tube skylight where you want it – or you would like a better light distribution, whilst maintaining the feel of natural light, Solar Light Whiz LED lights may be the answer you are looking for. Not only will these solar skylights provide excellent lighting, but they also offer the option of using the solar lights at night.

Skylights vs Bushfire Rated Skylight Alternatives

While it is possible to install traditional tube style skylights as a bushfire rated solar skylight, installations are complex and quite expensive.

kitchen lights

Even though Solar Light Whiz isn’t a traditional roof skylights, our lights have been carefully designed to mimic their colour and behaviour. We also offer wide variety of shapes and sizes to illuminate your home without creating a direct channel into your home.

Our skylight alternatives meet the requirements for bushfire rated skylight alternatives. That means you don’t have to worry about a special installation if you choose to purchase one of our solar LED systems.

Why not deal with the problem in a simple and cost effective way and install bushfire rated solar skylights from Solar Light Whiz?

Click on this link, if you would like to know more about the Solar Skylight alternative to tube skylights.

Solar Skylight Alternatives – Anywhere You Need Them

Solar skylights from Solar Light Whiz are the smart modern alternative to traditional tube skylights. Solar lighting can be installed anywhere you want light in your home.

bathroom lights

Do-it-yourself friendly installation

Solar Light Whiz was designed with ease-of-installation in mind; we are proudly DIY-friendly! Our system is generally made up of three major components: the solar panel, the LED light(s) and the wiring and leads to connect them. The entire system can be installed without the need of an electrician or contractor. You only require an electrician if you need to install a power socket for the optional night operations kit.

Highly adaptive and versatile

We offer a wide range of solar LED lights in different shapes and sizes. Our product range includes 10 distinct solar LED light fixtures in a range of rectangular, square, and circular sizes. Allowing for an abundance of choice to suit your lighting and aesthetic requirements.

Furthermore, Solar Light Whiz can be installed almost anywhere you want! Our solar LED lights are only 10mm deep, allowing you to install beneath joists, or on ground floors of multi-storey buildings. They can also be installed either flush with your ceiling, recessed into the ceiling cavity, or surface mounted. You could even install the light on your wall!

Accessories to suit your needs 

Additional components, such as night operation kits and dimmers easily tie into the standard wiring without complications. You can even install multiple lights with a single solar PV panel!

Night ops kit in operation

With the Solar Light Whiz night pack, you can switch the solar-powered system to operate on mains power, ensuring adequate lighting at all times, without the need for a second set of lights, which are unnecessary and costly. The night operations kit can also be used during the day to ‘top-up’ the solar power, and allow the lights to be used at full capacity, even during overcast conditions.

Single-channel or multi-channel dimmers are another install option that let you adjust the intensity your lights to suit your needs, regardless of the time of day.

Our system is designed so that you can connect multiple solar lights to a single solar panel. So long as your solar LEDs don’t exceed the recommended wattage of your solar PV panel, you can install as many lights as you’d like. The system is scalable and can be upgraded if you wish to extend your solar LED lighting.

Generally, distributing traditional skylights to get an even light throughout the room is cost prohibitive. With Solar Light Whiz, the difference between one large light or multiple smaller solar LED lights is minimal – but the benefits of good light distribution are significant.

This flexibility lets you customise your system to exactly match your need. You can install however many lights you need, wherever you need them. Allowing you to distribute the light better than a skylight would, and ensuring proper lighting throughout the entire space.

Solar Lighting in multi-storey homes and buildings

stairwell lights

If you live in (or have ever been to) a multi-storey home you will know how dark the downstairs areas can be, especially corridors, hallways and internal rooms like toilets and laundries. Installing solar lights with one or multiple solar skylights will make a huge difference to the feeling of these rooms for anybody entering your home.

Hallway, corridor, entrance and stairway lighting in general is often overlooked, despite the importance of these spaces being properly illuminated. Ironically, these areas can often be incredibly important spaces to have good and clear ceiling lights in – you don’t want to be walking into ornaments, or missing steps on your staircase because of poor lighting!

Hallways and corridors are often surrounded by other rooms and rarely get access to natural light from windows like other rooms do, so they need proper ceiling lights. The same goes for most downstairs rooms in multi-storey homes

Most of our competitors only offer a single light per PV panel. That means that in longer, narrower rooms you could only light part of the space. This provides you with poor, uneven lighting and means that you’ll have to install a second set of lights. This is neither cost-efficient nor energy-efficient.

Solar Light Whiz is an ideal solution for almost any lighting situation, not just the difficult ones!

Follow the link to view/download more information in the Solar Light Whiz brochure.

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