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Solar Roof Ventilator an effective Whirlybird Alternative

Whirlybirds – An ineffective Roof Ventilation Product

The average whirlybird unit is capable of ventilating around 100-150 m³/h in 12 km/h winds. Performance will of course vary depending on design and manufacturer. Some factors that can influence how well a roof whirlybird ventilates can include:

  • How warm the air in your roof space is,
  • Whirlybird throat size,
  • Wind accessibility,
  • Wear & tear to the unit itself.

In order to feel the effects of ventilation in your home, you will probably need at least 700 m³/h of airflow through your roof. This will keep your roof space close to the ambient outside temperature. Of course, this means you’ll need more than one vent to do the job.

A single Solar Whiz roof ventilator is up to 23 times more powerful than your average whirlybird. In comparison, the average whirlybird struggles to move 100 cubic metres of air per hour. This is a huge contrast to the capacity for one Solar Whiz unit. Our solar exhaust fans are far more efficient than whirlybirds and will make a noticeable difference to your indoor climate. Our units are clearly a far superior product for ventilation.

Our units are available in 3 different sizes:

Solar Whiz solar whirlybird on a red tin roof

  • SW-AU-R-15 – Moves 1200 cubic metres of air per hour
  • SW-AU-R-25 – Moves 1700 cubic metres of air per hour
  •  SW-AU-R-40 Moves 2300 cubic metres of air per hour

Cool Your Roof Space with Our Solar Roof Ventilator

The Solar Whiz ventilation system has $0 running costs and only relies on the sun to cool your roof space. The solar roof fan draws hot air out of your roof space and home, introducing fresh, cool air instead. The Solar Whiz is completely powered by solar energy and provides effective roof ventilation, helping you control the temperature in your home.

SW-AU-R-40 solar whirlybird on red roof

Did you know that the temperature on your roof can get as high as 60 degrees? Imagine what that heat build-up in your home does to your cooling and air conditioning bills!

Our Solar Whiz systems use heat extraction and roof ventilation to effectively minimise heat build-up in your house. It’s much more powerful and relies on the sun, instead of wind or existing heat build-up. On those stifling hot summer days when there’s no wind, a wind-driven whirlybird doesn’t achieve anything. The Solar Whiz, however, will work extremely effectively all day, utilising the sunlight to cool down your home.

Our solar roof ventilator unit removes heat from the home as whirlybirds do, but at a much faster rate. Which enables far more effective and efficient roof ventilation.

Have a look at our energy-efficient air conditioning alternative animations to see how ventilation works.

Installation and Use

Ease of installation makes Solar Whiz roof ventilators ideal for DIY projects, whether you live in a single or multi-storey home. Alternatively, our dealers are well-equipped to do the installation for you. Either way, a Solar Whiz roof ventilator can be installed in almost any home, regardless of design, to help you stay cool over the summer. Installing and using our whirlybirds alternative is extremely easy and simple.


SW-AU-R-25 solar whirlybird on orange tiled roof

A major benefit of the Solar Whiz unit (apart from the huge airflow capacity) is its ability to be operated whenever you want. This is a feature that many of our customers prefer over your average whirlybird.

Solar Whiz can also be installed with an adjustable thermostat, letting you start and stop the unit at your convenience. If you set the thermostat at 25 degrees, the unit will start running as soon as the roof temperature gets above that. Unlike the whirlybird, which doesn’t allow you to control when it starts or stops.

Whirlybird Installation

Our Solar Whiz units are installed in a very similar manner to traditional whirlybirds. Because our units don’t need to be levelled as our conventional competitors do, it is far easier to install.

Follow the links below for detailed Solar Whiz installation instructions and videos.

Solar Whirlybird Roof Ventilator Installation Instructions

Solar Whirlybird Installation video – tile roof

Solar Whirlybird Installation video – tin roof


For more information head over to our Solar Whiz website: www.solarwhiz.com.au.

If you have any other questions regarding the Solar Whiz roof ventilator alternative you can call us by clicking here.

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