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Commercial Exhaust Fans & Industrial Extractor Fans



commercial unit on roofGES has used its experience in residential roof ventilation and increased use of the Solar Whiz extractor fans for commercial ventilation – e.g. for warehouse ventilation and factory ventilation – to develop a range of solar commercial exhaust fans and industrial extractor fans for roof ventilation.

If you are in the market for an exhaust fan for residential roof ventilation. Please have a look at the residential Solar Whiz roof ventilation exhaust fans.

Commercial Exhaust Fans

Commercial exhaust fans are used both for heat extraction and for extracting fumes.

during 2014 and 2015, Solar Whiz installed commercial exhaust fans in a variety of sports facilities (basketball stadiums, gymnasiums) and have also been used in commercial pools as commercial exhaust fans. The commercial exhaust fans have a wide variety of industrial uses including sheds, schools, offices and storage facilities. Information on commercial ventilation and other large areas can be found on the Solar Whiz roof ventilation website.

Industrial Exhaust Fans

During the same period, the Solar Whiz industrial exhaust fans have been used to ensure good air quality when installed as industrial roof ventilation extractor fans in a variety of industrial ventilation applications, including workshops and factories. Solar Whiz industrial exhaust fans effectively ventilate & remove fumes from cars, smelters, welding, etc.

Industrial Extractor Fans

These days many factories and repair shops are required to ensure effective ventilation of their premises. Solar Whiz industrial extractor fans are not only very efficient – they are also a very cost effective way to ensure that the requirements for industrial ventilation & commercial ventilation are met.

Industrial Ventilation & Commercial Ventilation

Industrial ventilation and commercial ventilation does not have to cost a fortune to install or to operate. In fact GES’ Solar Whiz – Solar commercial exhaust fans and industrial extractor fans offer free operation during sunny conditions. If you need ventilation at night or during overcast conditions – Solar Whiz offer day/night packs for industrial exhaust fans.

Powerful Solar Commercial Exhaust Fans

Our solar commercial exhaust fans are not just free or inexpensive to operate. They are also very effective at roof ventilation. Solar Whiz is the only solar commercial exhaust fan available in the market with a capacity over 3000 cbm/h.

Edmonds Ecopower Fan

In fact – we are only aware of one other brand in Australia offering commercial exhaust fans with a  capacity of 10000 cbm/h – the Edmonds Ecopower fan – available at about twice the price of a Solar Whiz industrial exhaust fan. The Edmonds Ecopower fan is a powered commercial exhaust fan – not a solar powered exhaust fan. That means that not only do you have to pay twice as much for an Edmonds Ecopower fan – but you also have to pay for power to operate it (unless it is windy).

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