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Exhaust Fans as Effective Roof Ventilators

Solar Whiz roof ventilation exhaust fans or extractor fans are very effective heat extraction units that provide relief for those high internal temperatures during the hotter months of the year. 

Our Solar Whiz roof ventilation system may also be set up to supply cool air into your home at night. GES offers a couple of solar cooling fan options to help cool your home and we can even help you with ventilation of smaller areas. We have a wide range of fans that can be applied to a wide variety of circumstances. If you would like to know more about solar ventilation in general – please visit our Solar Ventilation site.


Solar Cooling with Solar Exhaust Fans or Roof Ventilators

The Solar Whiz exhaust fans are powerful solar roof vent extractor fans that operate completely on solar energy.  Solar roof ventilators are most commonly used for heat extraction directly from affected rooms and solar roof ventilation for roof cooling. Installing Solar Whiz extractor fans result in a cooler roof space as the solar exhaust fans replace the hot air in the roof space with cooler replacement air. This fresh air is pulled in through roof vents or eave vents, under the eaves, as well as other openings into the roof space.


Whirlybird Roof Vent or Solar Whiz Roof Ventilators for Roof Space Ventilation

Solar Whiz extractor fans are increasingly used instead of traditional Whirlybird roof vents due to their high heat extraction capacity. This makes Solar Whiz extractor fans and roof ventilators an easy choice over any Whirlybird roof vent. It is a relatively simple task to remove existing whirlybird roof extractor fans and replace these roof vents with a Solar Whiz roof ventilator/extractor fan with a capacity of up to 20 times an average whirlybird roof exhaust fan.


Solar Exhaust Fans for Effective Solar Roof Cooling and Heat Extraction

Our solar roof ventilation exhaust fans are not just roof ventilators – they double as solar exhaust fans or extractor fans and therefore provide solar cooling for your home. Solar Whiz roof ventilators may also be installed for home ventilation in warmer weather/climates to ventilate the interior parts of the house – either for heat extraction or to prevent mould through general home ventilation. In this case Solar Whiz extractor fans will remove warm and/or moist stale air via ceiling vents.

Why use power for roof ventilation and cooling when you can install solar roof ventilator exhaust fans for effective solar roof ventilation? Solar exhaust fans from Solar Whiz are effective solar vents for roof space ventilation in winter and roof cooling in summer.

 Click here to learn more about the Solar Whiz and how it can reduce cooling costs.

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