Warehouse ventilation is a crucial topic in today’s world. It’s not just about your health, but also your employees’ wellbeing. Creating a safe work environment is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.


Warehouse staff typically work long shifts, often ranging from 8 to 12 hours. Given the substantial amount of time they spend within the warehouse, it’s essential to provide them with a workspace that’s not only safe but also comfortable. By investing in the enhancement of warehouse ventilation, you’re investing in your employees’ health and safety. This not only fosters a positive work environment but also boosts the overall productivity of your workforce. The initial expenditure on improving warehouse ventilation will soon be offset by the benefits of a healthier, happier, and more productive team. A well-ventilated warehouse is a win-win situation for everyone involved, contributing to the well-being of your employees and positively impacting your bottom line!


Why is Ventilation Important?

Ventilation in a warehouse can be a major health concern for your employees and your building. Poor building conditions can cause major health and safety concerns for your employees if they are ignored. On top of health concerns, poor ventilation causes people to feel uncomfortable.


How to Improve Ventilation?

Here are four simple tips to increase ventilation and energy efficiency in your warehouse:


Tip 1: Check Your HVAC Unit

One way to combat ventilation issues is by maintaining your existing HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) unit if you have one. Many warehouses will not benefit from a dedicated heating or air conditioning unit, but all facilities will see positive results from an effective ventilation unit.


Tip 2: Consider Humidity Level

Maintaining humidity levels within the 40%-60% range in your building is crucial. Deviations from this optimal range can compromise both comfort and ventilation. Such conditions can negatively impact your employees’ health, leading to symptoms ranging from heat exhaustion to headaches and concentration difficulties. The installation of exhaust fans can be an effective solution to manage humidity issues in your warehouse. These fans not only help maintain appropriate humidity levels but also contribute to a healthier and safer work environment for your employees.


GES also offers an optional hygrostat accessory with our units that allows the unit to monitor humidity levels and operate when it is most needed.


Tip 3: Add Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans can help to improve the airflow in your warehouse, making the environment more comfortable for your employees. They help extract stale and polluted air out of your facility and maintain a comfortable temperature, contributing to improved ventilation.


Tip 4: Open It Up for Cross Ventilation

Opening up your warehouse can significantly improve ventilation. This could mean opening doors or windows on opposite sides to allow fresh air to circulate. Cross ventilation, a natural method, replaces stale air with fresh air from the outside, improving the overall air quality and temperature in the warehouse.

By following these tips, you can create a more comfortable and safe environment for your employees, which can also boost productivity and your bottom line.


Proven Results

A recent study examined various situations and known Coronavirus incidents globally. It modelled the impact of factors such as exposure duration, use of face masks, social distancing, and ventilation strategies on the number of people infected by the virus in the presence of one contagious individual.


The study’s findings were unequivocal: an effective ventilation system was a key factor in reducing virus transmission in all scenarios. This underscores the importance of proper ventilation in maintaining a safe and healthy environment in warehouses and similar spaces.


Time to Take Action!

We’re here to assist you in addressing your warehouse ventilation issues immediately. Every moment spent without addressing poor ventilation – a significant problem – is a moment wasted. Evaluate your employees’ state: are they comfortable, healthy, and productive? Or do they seem lethargic, frequently ill (resulting in high absenteeism), and lacking motivation? Let’s face it, we all desire a workforce that’s comfortable, healthy, and productive. If that’s not the case, inadequate warehouse ventilation could be the culprit.


Don’t delay, start improving your warehouse ventilation situation today!